Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday June 14, 2013
Our team made two water truck deliveries today.  As soon as the truck pulled up the line starts to form with hundreds of people with buckets all coming to get clean water, and young children running to be held/played with.  It is so unbelievable to see what a bucket of water means to them and how much it provides for them when we just take it for granted that it is always readily available and fresh.  Our team was all helping out in different ways.  Some were playing and holding the children, others helping the people either carry their buckets back to their homes or help place them on their heads.  Bryan and myself were filling the buckets.  He had the hose which was continuously running pouring the water into the buckets and I continued to move the buckets of the people forward to get filled and then taken to their homes.

Later in the day our team split into two groups.  My group and I went to Gertrud's, a special needs orphanage.  This is/was my favorite part of the trip.  We are playing with kids of all different disabilities.  Seeing their smiles just puts a smile on my own face.  I feel it is such a gift to be able to serve/interact and play with them.  They showed me that words are not needed to convey love.  I spent most of my time with a girl in a wheel chair.  She, herself did not speak but her laugh and smile said it all.  I would rub her feet and head which just relaxed her and tickled her/grabbed her nose. When it was time to go it was very difficult to say goodbye.

Our entire team returned back to the guest house where we all sat down for dinner together and just enjoyed being there with one another.  Following dinner our team gathered for word of the day.  My word was spectacular.  I chose this word because it was how I felt today on our teams two trips.  Today was a great example to me of how God's love works.  He showed me what love is all about and how strong his love is for all of us.

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